Xanax xr 2mg x 500


Xanax XR (Extended Release) 2mg tablets are designed to provide prolonged relief from anxiety and panic disorders. This prescription medication, containing the active ingredient alprazolam, is formulated to release slowly over several hours, providing sustained symptom management. The product comes in a bulk pack of 500 tablets, catering primarily to clinics, hospitals, or patients with long-term prescriptions.

Key Features:

  • Extended Release Formula: Each tablet delivers a steady dose of alprazolam throughout the day to manage symptoms of anxiety and panic with less frequent dosing.
  • High Potency: At 2mg per tablet, this dosage is suitable for patients requiring a stronger level of medication management.
  • Bulk Quantity: Supplied in a quantity of 500 tablets, ideal for long-term treatment plans.


  • Consistent Symptom Control: Helps maintain a stable level of medication in the body, reducing the frequency of anxiety or panic episodes.
  • Reduced Need for Multiple Dosing: The extended-release formulation minimizes the need for multiple doses throughout the day, enhancing convenience for patients.
  • Effective Management of Anxiety Disorders: Proven efficacy in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorders, and anxiety associated with depression.

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